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The year 2020 has been one of increased focus on medical and healthcare. Countries across the world have realised that their healthcare systems need to be updated on a war footing. If there is one thing learnt, it is that the medical and healthcare industry needs to be ready and prepared for the future.

The Sri Lanka Medical and Equipment Virtual Expo has been designed as completely digital Expo keeping in mind that the ‘new normal’ in the Covid 19 and post-Covid 19 world is virtual interaction.

Set to take place from 16 – 19 March 2021, this online business matching week will bring you the latest medical technology and innovations, healthcare and diagnostic equipment, raw material suppliers as well as related technology companies for the Hospital, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Rehabilitation sectors.

This Virtual Expo will ensure that you are linked with top quality suppliers and meetings arranged at a suitable time, thus delivering all the benefits of a physical trade fair coupled with the safety of an online experience through our Bee2Bee Business Matching Platform.

The Sri Lanka Medical and Equipment Virtual Expo 2021 is a great opportunity for the Sri Lankan healthcare industry to interact with quality industry suppliers and fulfil their requirements from the comfort of their own locations.